A very nice review by Buzzbands!

A very nice review by Buzzbands!

Kevin Bronson is a music journalist who has worked for the LA Times, writes for Spin Magazine and runs an essential music blog, Buzzbands, about the LA music scene. If you just arrived in Los Angeles, follow his blog and you’ll know about all the up and coming bands, the secret shows and the music venues where it all happens in no time at all. Kevin Bronson is an incredibly cool guy, has an extensive knowledge of music and has a passion and love for it that he’s not afraid to hide.

So when we checked up on his site one day to see this wonderful review of our first album “Burning Bridges and Building Walls” as well as our music video for “The Other Way Around”, you can only imagine how giddy we were. Check it out for yourself and please share it with others.

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