Therapy Session® was created by Joel Michalak in 2005/2006, starting with a few simple acoustic demos on a myspace band page. Over the years there have been a rotation of musicians for the live shows and recordings, but Joel has remained the core of the bands sound; writing, producing and performing most everything by himself.

The band has released 4 EPs and 1 LP; a total of 28 songs.
Building Houses EP (2007)
Burning Bridges & Building Walls LP (2009)
Before the Ash has Time to Settle EP (2009)
Missed Connections & Casual Encounters EP (2011)
Damaged Romantics EP (2012)

Currently Joel Michalak is the sole member of Therapy Session® and is recording the 2nd and possibly final album for the band, which is set to be released in late 2013.

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