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Download “Damaged Romantics” EP (mp3)

(higher quality downloads available on The Fix site to anyone who bought Burning Bridges & Building Walls.)

Here’s a little, free, 4 song EP “Damaged Romantics” to hold you over while I finish the massive album I’m working on. This EP was recorded in my apartment during the early weeks of April 2012. I wrote, performed, mixed and mastered it all myself. I also painted the cover art. The first song “I’m the Romantic,” is one of those rare, happy, Therapy Session, pop, “love” songs. It was written for someone as a Valentines Day gift this year. The cynic in me tends to resent myself every time I write something like that, so I rarely do, but when things are good, I don’t care, I just want to write pop music, poetry, buy flowers and do all those hopeless things that us romantics do. Certainly there would have been many more sappy, romance songs if things kept going as well as they were, but since they didn’t, you all get an EP called Damaged Romantics and I get to save the money on therapy by tricking you all into listening to my failed attempts at happiness and romance. See how that works?
But seriously, I hope you like it and can relate. There are few things more frustrating than watching something you put your all into fall apart. But, sometimes that makes the most beautiful art. So I hope you all can find some beauty in these songs.

Track listing (Click links for lyrics):
1. I’m the Romantic (One More Kiss)
2. Powdered Cement
3. Cynics & Fools (Damaged Romantics pt. 1)
4. I’m the Fool (Damaged Romantics pt. 2)

Enjoy! Now I’m back to working on the album, which will hopefully be done around this time next year.

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