The creator of Therapy Session, Joel Michalak does other things too. Check out his personal page:
and his comedic film page:

These are some recommendations of local bands we love, who have been very supportive of us. Check them out.

Eastern Conference Champions (Wonderful people and musicians; we were honored to play their Spaceland residency)
Kárin Tatoyan (Sings on Fast and puts on an incredible live show)
Fay Wolf (Sings the duet “Waiting” from the “Missed Connections & Casual Encounters” EP. She’s a very talented singer/songwriter)
Some Go Haunting (Aria Pullman’s band. She apears in “The Other Way Around” music video and her band often plays shows with us)
Tubby Boots (We’ve played with them. We love them; they’re amazing. All the bloggers will be raving about them once the bloggers know who they are.)
The Middle Initials ( One of Sebastians many bands. He has filled in on bass for us and we’ve played shows with 2 of the bands he fronts)
SA Node (Carlitos’ solo project)
Simon Brown (Simon rocks lead guitar with us but is also a very talented singer/songwriter himself.)

Other Artist:


Barry J. Kelly (Did the artwork for our Sticker)


Kevin Perry
( Shot “The Other Way Around” video as well as live photography for us)

Dale Tibor (Has shot a bunch of live photography for us)

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